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I love double daylilies!! Especially the hose-in-hose forms.
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Daylily Seed List

DAYLILY SEEDS FOR SALE from Frugal Perennial

This is an Old list: seeds from 2007. 2010 seeds coming when it's cold! Still warm enough to work in the garden.

Above The Salt x Truly Angelic (reserved)
Avant Garde x America The Beautiful (sold)
Avant Garde x Bold Heritage (sold)
Big Blast x Arctic Lace (reserved)
Big Blast x How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (Sold)
Body Rub x How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (Sold)
Bordello Queen x Arctic Lace (sold)
Bordello Queen x Broken Promise (sold)
Bordello Queen x Circus Performer (reserved)
Circus Performer x Bold Heritage (sold)
Daring Deception x Bold Heritage (reserved)
Earlibird Sunshine x Larry Grace (just listed)
Jade Star x Larrys Obsession (sold, some left)
Kama Sutra x How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (sold)
Kama Sutra x Spiny Sea Urchin ($3, reserved)
Kissed Off x Arctic Lace (sold)
Kissed Off x Upper Crust Society (reserved)
Momentum x Fairest of Them (sold)
Raspberry Beret x Bold Heritage (reserved)
Revelry In Red x Valuable Asset (reserved)
Strawberry Banana Cheesecake x Aliens Eye (sold)
Victorian Lace x Darla Anita ($2)(sold)

Frans Hals x Peppermint Ice
Frans Hals x Pink Stripes (sold)
Heidi Eidelweiss x Pink Stripes
Janice Brown x Peppermint Ice
Radiation Biohazard x Ice Carnival (sold)
Radiation Biohazard x Indian Giver (sold)
Razzmatazz x Peppermint Ice (sold)

The 2009 and 2008 seeds are in the fridge. Please bookmark this page and check back, or I can email you when updated if you request. Please email for questions.

Newer acquisitions include Red Friday (Agin), Lachlan Nicole Agin (Agin), Edged In Pink, Storm of Swords, Sunday Sandals, Snowy Stella, Prince of Thieves, Red Fang, and Velvet Onyx to cross with the other ~200 cultivars. More recently, acquired Dakar, Jerry Hyatt (gorgeous),Stippled Statement, Ruby Border, Greywoods Dottie Dolittle, Torino, and Mort Morss. Greg Schindler kindly provided "Dr. Pepper" and the lovely Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie. Psyched!


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