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FRUGAL PERENNIAL GARDENING, Seeds, Angora fluff to spin into yarn, and Giant Angora Rabbits too!
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Striped and variegated daylilies!
Pink Stripes and Peppermint Ice
Tough Northern Performers - Favorite Daylilies
Why buy and plant every year, when perennials will come back for you?
I love double daylilies!! Especially the hose-in-hose forms.
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Giant Angora Rabbits, angora rabbit, angora for sale
taking good care of your Giant Angoras
You can have a beautiful garden and grow your own food too!
New Litter Born February 2012
New Litter February 2012
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Daylilies For Sale
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Humanely harvested bunny fluff for lovely yarn

FRUGAL PERENNIAL GARDENING, Seeds, Angora fluff to spin into yarn, and Giant Angora Rabbits too!

Our October 2019 babies are almost ready for new homes! Contact:

Giant Angora kits born October 2019
Goldie (momma bun) and Oreo at  3  months

Momma bun Goldie and son Oreo (3 months old) in the exercise pen. When we get a haircut, the fluff turns into lovely soft fuzzy yarn!

Humanely treated - spoiled rotten - we love our rabbits!

Larry's Obsession (hybridized by Petit), gorgeous but expensive, gave me some nice seedlings

baby Giant Angora

I am on the hunt for another silver marten (like baby above) or otter Giant Angora (or German Angora) Please contact me if you have one to sell!

Pure bunny yarns and angora fiber for spinning and felting.

See the For Sale tab for angora fiber, dye seeds, Daylily seeds - yarn in the future, too.  


Hemerocallis 'Arctic Lace'

Hemerocallis 'Arctic Lace' - (Stamile, 2005) a real beauty with high budcount and branching - turning out to be a great parent and color clarifier.

Daylilies are very easy to start from seed and will give you tough, easy care plants with lots of spectacular blooms. If you start them inside, in the spring (like your tomato plants) you will have husky plants by fall, and they may bloom the following summer (you may have to wait another year depending on your climate). Once established, daylilies can withstand drought and neglect, and keep increasing in size so that you can share them with your friends!

Getting fiber from rabbits to make yarn or use for felting does NOT hurt them! Regular haircuts are essential for their health! Does cutting your hair hurt you? It doesn't hurt them either!

Babies! May 2015

Cadbury's REW kit and Misty's Tortoiseshell kit, not as fluffy as their mommas yet 4 weeks old

tortoiseshell Giant Angora

tortoiseshell junior

. Enjoy the pictures. Update 12/28/19 Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Gardening! Please do NOT use my pictures without permission.

Mexican Holiday and Gaillardia
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