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New Litter Born February 2012
New Litter February 2012
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New Litter Born February 2012

REW baby
getting fuzzy

Very hard to photograph - don't want to hold still!

about 3 weeks
babies ~1 week

New Giant/German Angora kits were born the week of February 21 2012, at 8 days. Many will be available mid-late April. White, black otter, black, and a tort (I think), their eyes are closed, and they are very squirmy!

The mother doe is on the left - black otter pure Giant Angora

The mother doe (black otter) is pictured on the left, cuddling up to her sister approximately 5 months old (this past summer). She is pure Giant Angora. A picture without hair in her eyes is shown on a previous page. She is a great mom - very protective - and had a HUGE litter!

The sire is a solid black Giant/German Angora. My Giants grow great dense, long hair for spinning, but Sneakers's fiber is even more amazing. Their wool is SO soft. These buns should provide lots of beautiful soft fiber. I love their fiber spun up by itself or with a little merino. If you'd like some angora wool (chestnut, chinchilla, black, white, pale orange) or some merino, it's for sale!

"Sneakers" Giant/German
Mom is ever watchful
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